Our roof inspections cover a full evaluation of the eaves, seams, panel endlaps, roof-to-wall flashings, curbs, hips, valleys, ridges, rakes, and roof penetrations. The fasteners are checked as well as the panels and their alignment. Any damaged areas and other concealed areas that could potentially leak are also noted.

Leak investigations are an important service that we provide. Preliminary investigations can save our clients from the effects of rain and snow damage.

We will analyze proper installations of both metal roofing systems and metal buildings to determine compliance with the manufacturers specifications and industry standards.

We also report on the quality of workmanship in the project. We base our analysis on both our expertise and experience, as well as the original manufacturer drawings and installation details.


We provide on-site training to other roofing and pre-engineered building erector contractors. We are called upon to share our expertise as trainers in classroom settings as well as on actual construction sites. We have actually designed installation manuals, training manuals and warranty programs for one of our major clients.

Installation and materials are the main ingredients to insure a WEATHER TIGHT roof that performs as designed. It is necessary to properly train and inform installers to assure they understand metal roofing systems. BDR Construction & Consulting had training programs with UNA-CLAD/Firestone, MBCI, A&S Building Systems and American Buildings Company.

• It is recommended that every project has a certified installer on-site.
• We provide a training program to certify installers

If you have a problem...

we can give advice, perform the repairs or train & observe to assure that the work is done right.

BDR Consulting...

Member of RCI (Roof Consultants Institute) a leader in the industry. Our active membership strengthens our knowledge and ability to perform with the utmost professional integrity. We have been a licensed General Contractor for over 22 years.